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Loudspeaker Hemi‑directional LS1‑OC100E

Loudspeaker Hemi‑directional LS1‑OC100E
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LS1‑OC100E Hemi‑directional Loudspeaker

- For large area, high-ceiling applications
- Architecturally and acoustically innovative
- Hemi-directional pattern
- Optional bracket for fixed mounting
- Provision for internal mounting of the optional line/ loudspeaker supervision board

The Bosch Hemi-directional Loudspeaker is an easy to install, innovative loudspeaker which projects
consistent and high quality sound, ensuring superb reproduction of background music and high speech intelligibility for paging or emergency calls. The speaker’s opening angle and high sound pressure level
allows it to cover at least 600 m2, making it extremely suitable for indoor high-ceiling areas like warehouses, transport and exhibition halls, mega stores and swimming pools.

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