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The shop SHOP-EAS.EU provided the following discounts:

1. Each new customer who registers and purchases will be granted a one-time rebate of 3%.

2. Customer (after registering) which again makes shopping SHOP-EAS.EU will be awarded constant 
    discount a certain amount.The amount of discount depends on the value of purchases counted. 
    Taken from the first purchase.

3. On orders over 5 000 EUR  ( 6 700 USD ) shall be granted a discount of 5%.

4. Discounts SHOP-EAS.EU are not aggregated. Consideration is given to the highest discount granted at the time
    product or customer.

5. Discount for technicians so-called "wholesale" is determined individually.

6. Discounts granted promotional offer does not apply to If the product has a special price discount for this 
    product is not calculated.

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